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At Carrie May School of Performing Arts we have a wide range of classes; Ballet, Tap, Modern & Jazz, Acrobatics, Musical Theatre, Stretch & Conditioning, Competition & Pre-Vocational using the ISTD, Acrotrix & Alixa Flexibility syllabi.

Our Classes

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This syllabus gives students a clear way to progress and improve their flexibility and tricks safely, and teaches how to incorporate them into a routine.

Syllabus: Acrotirix

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This classical dance style will help with grace, poise and elegance whilst building strength.

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Modern & Jazz

Floor work, improvisation, jumps, leaps and turns, Modern encourages a dancer to use their whole body and to explore creativity through movement.

Tap is great for your rhythm. It also has other benefits, such as strength building in the legs and ankles and developing coordination.

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Musical Theatre

We cover singing, acting and dancing in this class. We study the ABRSM Musical Theatre singing exams, put on small class performances and look at lots of different dance styles that you can do on stage.

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Stretch & Conditioning

These classes are great for anyone who wants to increase their flexibility and strength. We emphasise safe stretching and ensure that the whole body is strengthened equally to support safe dance practice and prevent dancing injuries.

Syllabus: Alixa Flexibility

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ISTD Exams

A highly respected exam board who’s exams can go towards UCAS points when they get older. They have a high focus on correct technique, style and making sure students understand why they dance things a certain way.

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Pre Vocational & Performance

Many of our students have shown so much progress since we took over. If we feel a student is working exceptionally hard and shows great promise, we invite them to join our Pre-Vocational classes and Performance team!

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