Dance Styles
We pride ourselves on teaching a variety of styles and encouraging students to work to the best of their ability in every class they take.
We currently offer Ballet for ages 4- 18 years. Preparatory Ballet introduces young dancers to the basics of dance, going all the way up to Grade 6. Our students also study Pointe, which is generally started around Grade 4.
We offer Tap for 6 to 10 year olds in Wheathampstead and 6 years and above in Tring (up to Grade 3). These classes are great for learning rhythm and style.
In Tring, Tap classes are combined with Modern.
We offer Jazz for ages 5 - 18 in Wheathampstead and 11 - 18 in Tring. These classes are great for basic technique, as well as strength building and learning different styles of Jazz.
Musical Theatre - TRING ONLY
Pupils can spend the lessons learning singing, dance and drama. We also teach ABRSM exams which will use all of the skills we teach in the Musical Theatre classes.
Stretch & Conditioning - TRING ONLY
These classes will help students with their flexibility, as well as core strength, which is beneficial for all our dancers. It is open to ages 8+ and will take place twice a week in Tring.
Acrobatics (or Acro)
Our Acrobatics classes teach gymnastic-style moves incorporated into a dance routine. These routines could be of any style, meaning you will learn a lot of different dance techniques, whilst also building strength and flexibility. These classes
pair well with our Stretch & Conditioning classes.

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